Ans. We deal in a wide variety of handsets and base stations from brands like (Motorola of different bands ranging from VHF, UHF, License-Free & Digital Mobile Radios.

Ans. The devices that are in accordance to the technical specifications of Personal Mobile Radio 446 MHz mentioned in Table No.V of PART II-Section 3-Sub-section (i) Gazette notification issued by The Government of India on October 18, 2018 can be bought in the market without taking any license from the Indian Government. We deal in a variety of handsets in the PMR 446MHz band.

Ans. The average range of handsets is around 2-3 Km. in the line of sight and for the base stations it is around a radius of 5 Kms.

Ans. Any business that needs prompt course of action and enhanced communication should use walkie talkies. The major businesses where you can use these walkie-talkies are:
* Security Agencies
* Construction Sites
* Event Management Companies
* Restaurants, Banquets & Hotels
* Schools/Colleges
* Parking Lots
* Retail Outlets
* Warehouses
* Malls
* Sports Venues
* Facility Management
* Factories/ Manufacturing Units

Ans. Warranty period of our products depends on the manufacturer. It mainly ranges between 1-2 years.

Ans. You can either download the application form from our website and send us via courier or you can reach us directly and our team will be there to help you.


Q7. What is the unique selling proposition  (USP) of Vertika Enterprises?
 Vertika Enterprises


Ans.Our best and cheapest solution as per the customer requirement and our 24*7 after sales support is what makes us the best from the rest.

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